FUSE04 → Stojche - Metaphor

Fuse04 Stojche Metaphor Frontside

Macedonia’s own Stojche is Fuse’s next guest for the club's freshly made imprint. The long standing DJ and producer has been known to keep Detroit’s playfully hybrid style as the focus of his work and ‘Metaphor’ is the case in point. His four tracks bounce through a nostalgic balance of techno, house, and more with a modern crisp. A refreshing take on club music, Stojche keeps techno’s sometimes nonchalant attitude at arms length with a charismatic record that hits its mark with every measure.

The record’s first track ‘Counterpunch’ features heavily lined percussion but still brews up a storm far and wide with resonant dub stabs and open hi hats. The drum machine boasts a full spectrum, rolling through a light show of melodic flashes, perfect for a room compressing soundsystem. The maximalist, vintage detail that Stojche brings to his compositions blurs the lines between classic genres in a time of hasty hybridization, which gives it a sort of authenticity that can’t be taken for granted. ‘Chordal Tribe’, on the other hand, raises the general euphoria of the EP. Luring in the listener with bright pads and full-on drums, Stochje’s work is reliable main slot material that adds color to any mix while providing a persuasive low end. Shimmering hi hats give it an ethereal quality making it an appropriate interlude for almost any context. Moving on to the B side, the producer sharpens up his rhythm and emphasizes the hardgroove influence in ‘Signal Drive’. Softening the pace of his drums with free use of melodic chord stabs, Stojche opens up his dance floor for a crowd bonding record once again, complete with filter transitions and pummeling toms. As the final contribution, his title track ‘Metaphor’ begins with a more obscure opening to conclude his EP for Fuse. Leaning more to a techno cut, the record remains flamboyant as ever with open hats and rides shuffling through his arrangement. A muted main synth becomes apparent to focus the energy of the track while allowing for liveset-like drum flickering to take shape beneath, claiming the immortality of old club records with the technical precision of a seasoned modern producer.

Fuse04 Stojche Metaphor Backside