Fuse: 30yrs of making noise (pre-order)

FUSE Bookcover IG

The book “Fuse: 30yrs of making noise” chronicles the evolution of Fuse, showcasing the DJs, the dance floors, the backstage, the staff, and, most importantly, the clubbers. It presents a unique photographic archive of the unforgettable moments that have defined its remarkable 30-year legacy, alongside tons of flyers and posters from the extensive Fuse archive. The book brings dozens of artifacts and memorabilia back to life, objects quintessential to the club’s identity. Lastly, it shares many stories from the protagonists, completing an oral history that stitches together triumphs and challenges, highlighting the collective resilience and spirit that define their shared heritage.

Pre-order runs until September 15, 2024. The book is expected for November 2024. You will be noticed about the shipping date.

Everyone who pre-orders will have their name written in the book, as a token of gratitude for supporting the book from this early stage.